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Thursday , 29 June 2017

Welcome to the new website for Infamy Games! Running a little out of season with the digital spring cleaning, but happy to have this new home for Infamy online.

The launch of the new site it feels like the perfect time to take a look at where things are in the world of Infamy. So, here's a run down of what's been happening over the last couple of months.

Website and store

As well as looking nicer, this redesign brings the webstore back to the official Infamy site. We've also launched a rewards program where you will earn Infamy Tokens to get money off future purchases. Not only can Infamy Tokens be earned with each order you make, you can also get them by following on Facebook and Twitter, referring friends and even joining the program itself.

Any orders made through this store will still be fulfilled by the fine folks at Element Games, so you can expect things packed up and shipped out in the best and speediest way possible.

The full Infamy range will be on show in Element’s physical store very soon too, so you’ll be able to head along and shop the old-fashioned way if you’re in the Stockport area.

This site provides a lot of flexibility and room for expansion too. That is going to be needed as the brand expands over the next year or so. And you can hear a bit more about that by reading on!

What’s coming soon?

There’s been a lull in new releases and a focus on consolidating what Infamy has over 2017. But, things have been happening and models have been sculpted behind the scenes. Finally, those behind the scenes developments can begin to move front and centre.

Three new Big Smoke models can be pre-ordered in the store right now – Quaker, Trudy May and Wild Bill – and you can save money on them if you pre-order.

There’s also our Five-Year Anniversary Infamy Ton, which is the best value Ton we’ve ever created. If you’ve not seen the Tons before, they are combos of lots of stuff, bundled up to save you some coin. This one contains Quaker, Trudy, Bill, and a whole lot more. You’ll get £200 of stuff for £100 if you order one.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about the Ton is that it includes four models that won’t otherwise be available until the last quarter of 2017. These are preview models from our upcoming Kickstarter.

These models due to appear in the Infamy: Collectibles range (large-scale, 54mm versions of Big Smoke favourites Sherlock Holmes, Doctor John Watson and Henrietta Jekyll) all come in the Ton. And, perhaps even more exciting, there’s also Bear. Though one should never play favourites, he is probably my favourite. I just love really new stuff!

This monstrously beefy barbarian towers above the other models and is the first taster of a new fantasy range we are working on (more on that in a little bit!).

So, if you pick up a Ton, we will get busy casting those things up and ship it all to you before we launch our next Kickstarter.

The next Infamy Kickstarter

Whoa there! Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, there’s a certain steampunk skirmish game to talk about!

A certain steampunk skirmish game to talk about!

Infamy: The Big Smoke continues to progress. The game has been re-designed from the ground up (as those who have been following other updates will know) and it’s a more involved but streamlined game now.

There’s more focus on managing resources, which take the form of your strategy deck and your action points, and making sure you use them wisely. These are now universal ‘pools’ shared by your gang, and they must be carefully applied and prioritised.

Rather than bloat this overview of Infamy post with specific details, I’ll put out a separate, more focused entry about the Big Smoke later.

Back to the next Infamy Kickstarter

Launching soon (we want to get a few more sculpts and some pre-production stuff ready first) Infamy’s next Kickstarter will establish a new range – Infamy: Collectables. This will take what we've learned making our One Shots and enable us to produce a range of varied, resin-cast, high-quality collectors’ pieces – 54mm, busts and complex other kits – in sexy packaging.

Some of these will be Big Smoke characters, but there will be a whole host of other options. The only thing governing what goes into the range is “does it look cool?”

So, there will be a girl on roller skates, an Old West gunslinger, various and varied fantasy models and, hopefully, a few other cool things!

Anything else?

Those fantasy models! Though they'll make great entries to the Infamy: Collectables range they are being designed and planned with a sense of cohesion that we’re not fully showing right now.

Next year they will come together in a gaming scale fantasy project. This isn’t something I’ll talk about much more for a while, but, Infamy: Cataclysm is coming in 2018, the rules (created and being refined by a pair of independent designers so I'm not distracted from the Big Smoke) are cool, and it’ll be a more self-contained product than the gangland skirmish battles of Infamy: The Big Smoke.

Oh, and backers of the Infamy: Big Smoke Kickstarter will get access to print and play rules for Cataclysm before the end of this year, alongside the rules for the Big Smoke.

So, things are happening, it’s exciting! Hopefully a lot of you will grab a Ton and get some samples of the pre-release Infamy: Collectibles models. I’ll be back with a Big Smoke update here soon.

James Griffiths
Infamy Games Director and Lead Designer