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Doctor John Watson

One multi-part resin miniature and a 30mm base.

Known to many as the Butcher of Baker Street, Doctor John Watson is a true terror when the blood is up and the rage is on. His thirst for violence and carnage is matched by his bull-like strength and eager application of his medical tools to extract information (sometimes) and pained screams (always).

Watson is capable of dealing out vast amounts of damage, turning his medical knowledge around to cause as much pain and injury as possible. He can combine the damage from any blows that he lands to amplify the wounds caused, he opens wounds to leave sustained bleeds, the more he has fuelled his lust for blood the more powerful he becomes, and he is reactionary, capable of leaping in to finish off a foe after a fellow gang member has made an opening.

Should the need to maim grow too strong there is a risk Watson will loose focus and spend precious time carving trophies from his latest victim.

Watson thrives when he is used in a bold way - once his Accumulation trait is boosted he is one of the highest damage dealers in the Big Smoke.


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