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Mrs Hudson

One multi-part resin miniature and a 30mm base.

Of all those who confidently tread the streets of London's annexed zones it is arguably Mrs Hudson who looks the most out of place. Fragile, beautiful, well-to-do, impeccably-dressed... rich-pickings! Yet the flower's never been pruned, let alone cut down, most likely because she's something of a Poison Ivy, all barbs and toxins in her seemingly pretty petals.

Mrs Hudson is a master of evasion, double-crossing and, most notably, poisons and traps. Her power in battle is that she can ensure the area around her is a death trap, taking herself from easy prey to the perfect bait in a terrible trap.

Should anyone get through these defences she is like a coiled spring, concealed weapons about her person and lighting reflexes ready to dodge out of trouble. 

And, if all else fails, Hudson boasts a level of intelligence and survival instincts that would, were it not for her Kingpin's brilliance, make her the most cunning and cold-blooded criminal in any situation. She can look after herself, growing in confidence the more traps she has placed close-by!


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