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Sergeant Crookes

One multi-part resin miniature and a 30mm base.

Of the many corrupted Peelers in London, Crookes is undoubtedly the most crooked. He serves his former role of Sergeant in name alone now, keeping his riot gear but throwing away any loyalty to Queen and country. The only one Crookes serves and protects is the Baker Street Irregulars' Kingpin.

It is in defence that the Sergeant excels. With his huge electroshock riot shield and charged baton he is the gang's primary protector, taking damage so others do not have to. The more he protects the gang the more difficult it becomes to break down Crookes' resolve and determination, thanks to his Accumulation Trait.

While his lack of damage does somewhat impede the Baker Street Irregulars on a full-force offensive charge none of the gang would want to get into a ruck without Crookes by their side.

It is Crookes who also serves as the gang's chief recruiter, able to bring more Corrupt Peelers and Informants from the shadows.


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