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Sherlock Holmes

One resin miniature and a 30mm base. 

Holmes' intellect is incredible, enabling his criminal network to expand not just across the city, but the entire country and beyond. Its reach goes far further than the other gangs could dream of, into the most elite branches of high-society and institutions of order.

The strength of Holmes on the battlefield comes in his ability to manipulate the strategy value of his gang members and boost their power. He has a Personal SV that nearby friendly models can elect to use instead of the Gang SV. With his Kingpin Trait he can modify the SV of gang members and view and change the top cards in the Strategy Deck, to make sure his gang gets the cards that they require or that the enemy does not!

Though his strength and skill in combat is outmatched by many of the kingpins, Holmes understands the city like no other - seeming to know the future, using a convinently passing steam charabanc to stun an enemy or a bribed vagrant in the shadows to throw dirt and blind an oncomming assailant.

Sold out.

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