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The Professor

One resin miniature and a 50mm base. 

It is unknown exactly whose brain sits atop the mechanical walker known as the Professor. Rumours persist that it may be that of missing University Professor James Moriarty, but Holmes himself has dismissed these as total nonsense, albeit with a cheeky wink at the same time.

The Professor is an inelegant machine but its power comes though the long-range bomblet launcher. Fixed to a complex targeting cogiatator, powered by the brain, it can not only scud explosions at enemies from range, but also does so with no need for a line-of-sight.

In close combat the Professor is a clumsy but potentially dangerous machine thanks to the saw blade. Should it compute that a situation looks bleak, it can unload its bomblets, scattering them at its feet, to cause horrible damage.

Repair circuits and a general toughness make it hard to take down and, if so desired, its use can change from damage dealing to strategy, with inputs that allow for Holmes to make a cerebral connection and boost his already sizable intellect through the extra brain atop the Professor.


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