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Harry 'The Hat' Hallahan

One resin miniature and a 30mm base. 

Harry was utterly ordinary - just another hard-working navvy. And then he found his hat. It sounds silly, but it's almost as if there was something magical about it - once he put it on his head... it was as though he gained a foot in height and the power to captivate and command the hearts and minds of all around him.

Harry is a capable bruiser but it is his ability to drum up followers and inspire them that makes him such a valuable asset to the gang.

Although it pains the boss to say it, for all of the Toad's rabble rousing and recruiting, hordes of navvies and thugs have joined his cause after just one glimpse of Harry. He can win over any sceptic with just a flex of his muscles and a charismatic wink and The Toad is not too proud to make use of these skills.

And so, when the gang gets into a scrap, Harry will be in the front-line, surrounded by his new recruits, ready to crack some skulls.


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