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One multi-part resin miniature and a 30mm base.

Mole is an odd, isolated loner who, were it not for his specialised abilities, would have no place in the company Toad keeps. But, with his extensive knowledge of London's underground systems (the pre-existing smuggling routes and the abandoned Underground train tunnels as well as those Mole has dug himself) and capability with explosives he's a useful chap to know!

Mole can infiltrate through his tunnels and quickly move from one place to another in relative safety underground. If he takes some time his burrowing can even open up routes that other gang members can access, giving the Toad's cronies a great many more tactical options.

Should he get caught out his digging drill and explosive charges can deal a decent bit of damage and cover his retreat as he goes scrambling back to his closest tunnel entrance.

As he's normally quite a distance from the rest of the gang Mole can be left struggling to hit his required SV for some of his actions.

Sold out.

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