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One 32mm scale resin cast miniature and a 50mm round lipped base.

Though 32mm scale this model is very tall and fits beautifully with 54mm scale models!

This towering automaton’s elegant design and beautiful look belies its capacity to do terrible damage. Regarded by many, if they are not busy fleeing from it, as a technological marvel, nobody in the city but Tesla could comprehend the systems and devices that make such a creation possible. 

At a distance the Futura can send blasts of energy to disrupt enemy lines and allow it to make a safer approach. It excels up close though, cutting and dismembering enemies with razor-sharp talons. Should Tesla wish, he can elect to specialise the Futura before the fight, to focus primarily on close combat or range, boosting the specific abilities. During the game Futura can be boosted by The Mainframe, but is capable of operating more independently than most of the inventor's machines.

The power of Futura – a focused drive to demolish foes – can also be the automaton’s downfall, with little in the way of defensive abilities beyond parrying attacks. It is, therefore, important a Futura is supported once it has committed to an attack.

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