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Nikola Tesla

One multi-part resin miniature and a 30mm base.

One of the most admired, mysterious and feared men in London, rumours persist that the inventor’s mind has gone. Despite this, his command of his creations remains beyond doubt and he has seen success battling in the city’s most dangerous locations.

Tesla’s command of electricity can be used to send arcing energy attacks at his foes, with the ability to surge through multiple targets. Once his machines are in the perfect position he can instead use his control of electricity to charge up the nearby machines - using the power of The Mainframe to boost their abilities. Tesla’s kit also allows him to act as a powerful electromagnet, moving his own troops or tearing weapons from the hands of his enemies.

Should he find himself ambushed and trapped these potentially offensive abilities can become defensive, sending out a pulse to knock back and stun those around him or bring up a fizzing shield.

It is Tesla who generates the Pawns for his gang too, waking them from their stasis at various points of the Battleground.


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