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Pigeons x 10

Ten resin miniatures and four 30mm bases.

The connection between Tesla and the pigeons is a strange one – do they talk to him, do they do his bidding, does Tesla obey them, or is the master engineer simply insane?

Whatever may be the case, there’s no denying that pigeons flock around the man.

In games the pigeons offer Tesla's gang a great deal of utility. They bring extra vision, they can scout out distant areas, they disrupt and distract the enemy. Perhaps most importantly, their physical weakness is more than matched by their vast numbers and lack of reliance on SV - there seem to be more, ready to swoop down from their roosts, whenever a bird or two are taken out and they do so with a predictable efficiency.

Unless the enemy can can locate the pigeon's roost (decoy roosts are placed along with the real one) the bird's individual deaths count for little, offering no experience and returning to the game in the following turn, to once again cause trouble!


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