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One multi-part resin miniature and a 50mm base.

The Quaker is an experimental gun platform devised by Tesla, sending out sonic pulses that can knock a man from their feet, turn their internal organs to the consistency of soup, or demolish buildings.

The range and power of the Quaker cannon is huge. In addition, should another machine in the network of devices that make up Tesla's gang be able to see an enemy, Quaker can fire at that target thanks to its advanced matrix.

With the ability to displace an enemy the Quaker cannon can send foes off building edges or through electricity barriers set up by Tripod walkers.

The weakness of the Quaker is its inability to attack or defend itself in close combat unless it makes use of a localised energy pulse, which can damage all who are close, but also the Quaker itself.

But it is the Quaker cannon that makes up for any defensive weakness, especially when boosted by The Mainframe. 


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