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One multi-part resin miniature and a 30mm base.

Alucard is as cunning and manipulative as he is obsessive and brutal. Determined to continue his occult studies and better master the spheres carnal, magical and spiritual, the Big Smoke is a useful hunting ground to perform further research.

Alucard is at his best infiltrating deep into enemy territory, hugging the shadows and striking out to make quick, brutal attacks. The more blood he can extract from his enemies, the more empowered he becomes, leading to ever-more brutal cuts from his flashing blade.

Unlike most Lieutenants, Alucard does not tend to bolster the gang he belongs to, with little interest in the fates of those around him. This is why he has his own SV and a range of skills that allow him to make repeated rush attacks before vanishing back into the shadows he came from.

Should an enemy get the initiative, Alucard can be isolated and taken down very easily, so there is always an element of risk to his attacks.


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