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Frank Hyde

One 32mm scale resin cast miniature and a 50mm round lipped base.

A freakish hulk of pulsing veins, muscles upon muscles and toxin powered strength, Frank Hyde is capable of dealing terrible damage. Thanks to his massively dulled pain response he is also capable to taking plenty of damage too. 

Frank's high wounds total and his ability to fight on, even when taken down to zero wounds, makes him a relentless combatant. More than that, thanks to his Frenzy trait, the wounds he does suffer build up his Accumulation ability, allowing him to greatly modify his SV and perform actions with polarised SV Inflection Points to full efficiency in the same turn.

This means that as your opponent brings Frank closer to death they also bring him closer to maximum death-dealing efficiency!

When he plucks up his Kingpin and carries her, she can modify the toxins pumping through Frank's veins to better control his actions.


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