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One 32mm scale resin cast miniature and a 50mm round, lipped base.

As technology advanced there were various jobs across the city that grew less necessary. With the spread of electricity the need for lamplighters diminished. Some found alternatives, some fell into squalor and destitution. One got very, very cross and thanks to some engineering ability, learned to soar, lighting very different fires across the city.

Lamplighter is an incredibly mobile and dangerous support character who can, with the right combination of actions, devastate the enemy.

As he attacks his pack and weapons build steam pressure, resulting in heat and deadly clouds of vapour that shoot out from his amateurish engineering.

Eventually the steam will vent, and when it does everyone nearby will suffer!

It's inevitable that Lamplighter will be taken down in a game, if not by the enemy, by the escalating pain his own attacks do to himself. The big question is how much damage he can deal out to make that death a worthy one. 

Sold out.

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