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The Baker Street Irregulars

Sherlock Holmes One man, above all else, has sought to understand the chaos of lawless London and, in doing so, advance his influence and agenda. That man is Sherlock Holmes. Though he resides in the safety and comfort that the bastioned Burrough of Westminster offers him, he is active in every one of the city’s squalid slums and most dangerous streets through a network of informants and hired muscle.

Working secretly and carefully, building relationships with both government agents and the movers and shakers of anarchic gangland, he has positioned himself with care and poise. He is a master of intrigue at the centre of a complex network of power, carefully nourishing those contacts he deems worthwhile and eliminating anyone who can’t be trusted or manipulated.

Gameplay style

The Baker Street Irregulars rely on synergy and careful manipulation of each model in the gang as they are at their most dangerous when working as a cohesive group. The power of Holmes and his strategic might is an essential part of this. He has the ability to see upcoming draws from the Strategy Deck, to manipulate SVs and generally ensure those under his command are at full-power and the enemy is weakened when it is most vital.

This reliance on synergy makes the Baker Street Irregulars a gang that are best suited to thoughtful, patient and cunning players who enjoy predicting the turns ahead and minimising the way luck can impact their careful calculations.

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