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Infamy: The Big Smoke

The Big Smoke is in chaos. Despite the best efforts of Queen Victoria's Police and Military, much of the city has been lost to the criminal Kingpins.

The great and the good of the nation's capital have annexed themselves into bastioned safe-zones, leaving large pockets of central London deserted. These battle-scarred ruins and deadly streets are the domain of the gangs, the religious fanatics, the rogue inventors, and the loons.

The balance of power in London is changing - how much of it can you swing your way?

What is Infamy: The Big Smoke?

  • A skirmish game, set in the annexed zones of a steampunk Victorian London.
  • Kingpins - twisted versions of famous literary and historical figures - lead deadly gangs.
  • Battles are fought for territory, glory and, at the most desperate times, mere survival.
  • The rules and character profiles will be released online for free.
  • Buy a gang of miniatures, download the required cards and tokens, and you're ready to play.

Objective driven battles

  • Gain experience completing Sub-Missions and Taking Down your enemies.
  • When your gang reaches its experience target it can begin its main Mission.
  • By completing the Mission you can finally grab victory.

Characterful combatants

  • Kingpin, Lieutenant, Heavy and Support models are all named and unique.
  • Each model has distinct Traits, offensive and defensive abilities and play-styles
  • Diverse gameplay and rich tactical.
  • Find a gang and style that suits you - hit-and-run with the Lost Boys, control technological marvels as Nikola Tesla, inhabit the twisted mastermind of Sherlock Holmes, revel in the horror and fear of the Monstrous Menagerie, and much more!

Variable skills and tactics

  • Opposed dice rolls determine the results of actions.
  • Card draw determines the level of attack and defence - the strategy - that combatants will have when making these actions.
  • Each models' options and abilities will vary over the course of the game.
  • Risk and reward lay at the heart of every encounter.
  • Intelligent Kingpins can manipulate a gang's Strategy Value, making the right models effective at the right times, to unleash a 'perfect storm' of abilities and devastate their enemies.
  • At desperate times a gang can bust their Strategy Value, opening up special defensive abilities but limiting their offence.