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The rules


The status of the rules

The rules for Infamy: The Big Smoke have undergone a lengthy development process. After our initial Kickstarter campaign we realised the game just wasn't as good as we wanted, so we took what was good and started over. This process is now coming to an end, with several designers finishing off re-balancing and refining the character profiles.

We want to ensure that Infamy: The Big Smoke can stand alongside the established skirmish games out there and be a compelling, rich and exciting alternative. We think we've just about done that now!

Going back to the drawing board has been a difficult process, but one that we feel was totally worthwhile. The game is tighter, faster and more tactically demanding, but without being a nightmare of charts, cross-referencing and other elements that slow down gameplay.

When will the game be ready to play?

The rules and profiles for Infamy: The Big Smoke will be published on this website when they are finished, ready for you to get gaming and do battle. Our new team is making sure these are right before release. Each gang has a very unique identity and we're putting in as much balance as we can before expanding to wider testing.

We will be releasing the beta rules and profiles throughout the rest of 2017 and then take your feedback to finalise and lock everything in place. The aim is to have a full, printed rulebook produced in 2018.


Check out the blog to see the latest developments and keep track of progress!