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One multi-part resin miniature and a 30mm base.

Growing up hard, then taking on a lengthy career as a bare knuckle boxer, should have led to an early retirement of injury induced agony. But Badger is still as dangerous, wily and energised as he was in his youth. Of all the gang's Lieutenants it is Badger who truly acts like a second-in-command, ready to pass-on or act-out his boss' orders without question.

Badger's can pass the Toad's SV influence to others in the gang - sending on his orders. Beyond this, he has no cause to worry about SV -all of Badger's Inflection Points come from his actions, with various deadly combos ready to be unleashed if he can string together the first few hits.

Badger is one of the rare characters in the game capable of reverting to the starting-point of an action, to go through the Inflection Points again. This means that defence and attack are always options to this stalwart fighter.


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