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Edwin Gorr

One multi-part resin miniature and a 30mm base.

Though he carries a wide array of weaponry and ammunition, both ranged and melee focused, Edwin Gorr's intent is not to use it. His sole purpose is to provide for and enable those around him. His ability to be where he is needed at the right time seems almost inhuman. So too, it must be said, does his physical appearance!

Edwin is one of the more reliable characters in the game. The fickle twists of fate that a changing SV can bring have little impact on his core abilities. Instead of changing through his own circumstances, it is through the Inflection Points of others that Edwin is called into action, his responses built around his comrade's needs.

He acts as a buff to his fellows, capable of empowering attacks, taking hits, adding an element of control to changing SVs and much more.

He's not flashy or fancy but there's plenty of that elsewhere in the gang. Edwin is solid and dependable, to be called upon when the rest of the gang push the limits a little too far!


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