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Infamy Five Year Anniversary Ton

The Five Year Anniversary Infamy Ton contains all the new Big Smoke miniatures and four Kickstarter Preview models that won't otherwise be available until the last quarter of 2017 at the earliest.

This is a pre-order item and it will only ship when its contents are ready. Any other items ordered along with it that are not pre-order will ship immediately.

We will, of course, work on getting the Tons produced as quickly as possible, but we need to gauge interest before launching into production, so it could be several months between you ordering the Ton and it shipping. 

The Ton is available in limited numbers and contains the following, saving you £100 on the recommended retail price:

  • Quaker
  • Trudy May
  • Wild Bill
  • 54mm Sherlock Holmes
  • 54mm Doctor John Watson
  • 54mm Henrietta Jekyll
  • 54mm (and he's a biggie) Bear
  • Infamy Games £6 voucher for use in the webstore
  • Element Games £5 voucher for use in their webstore
  • A small Big Smoke model
  • A medium Big Smoke model
  • A large Big Smoke model

The Big Smoke models will be chosen at random.



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