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The Toad

One multi-part resin miniature and a 50mm base.

The Toad is vulgar and earthy, and also clever and well read. He can put down the supporters of the status quo with his intellect, with profanity-laden tongue lashings or through the application of his Gattling gun and steam hammer!

The Toad's fearsome appearance is a reflection of his brutal abilities in a scrap. The steam powered harness he wears allows him to take a great deal of punishment and its armament gives him the potential to lay down a barrage of fire with the gun or wallop those nearby with his steam hammer.

His imposing presence and ability to bark orders make up his Kingpin Trait - called "I'm The Guvnor!". This makes Toad steadfast and reliable but one of the least flashy Kingpins.

He has two SVs and each gang member can use whichever is most suitable, as long as they are close-enough to The Toad or his Lieutenant, Badger.

Sold out.

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